We guarantee Swiss quality and discretion as we approach the Executive Search:

  1. Thorough analysis of your business need, your business environment and culture, your values and long-term objectives of your company
  2. Customized executive search
  3. Activation of European talent scout network
  4. Initial interviews and pre-assessment of potential candidates focusing on industry knowledge, motivation, problem solving, building relationship, drive & resilience
  5. Provision of a long list of candidates to the Board.
  6. Preliminary selection by Board
  7. Second interview phase with Board
  8. Assessment of selected candidates including assessment report with recommendations and development advice
  9. Presentation to the Board & final selection
  10. Contracting, assistance with Swiss work permit

We offer various supporting measures such as: Onboarding, cultural integration training, relocation services as needed

Search Licence for international recruiting services.: federal licence.